What is your approach to helping investors?

Investors of course are always really worried about the two most important things – which are income and return.

That’s really what we focus on – we’re looking for motivated sellers, obviously, but we’re also looking for properties that can be improved upon, so that we can really raise the capitalization rate of the property and make sure that they’re going to be making money far into the future with this property.

We believe in the get rich slow concept in real estate we want people to understand that when you buy a property, a lot of the time you’re going to have to invest in it and you’re going to have to love it and understand it a little bit. That’s our part and our job – is to make sure that they do understand the property because sometimes the numbers say no, but if you’re able to affect the property correctly, either with repairs or improvements, then that can be a yes.

Are you Buying, Selling
or Both?