What should you look for in a real estate professional?

The best fit for a real estate professional is someone who feels they have your best interest in mind over the long haul. They’re not looking to make a sale to make a commission, they’re looking to develop a relationship where they can potentially sell that property for you three to five years down the road and that they’re also looking for an investment where you’re going to be feeling confident not only in the house as a home, but in the houses as an investment.

One of the things we do we bring a lot of investment expertise into our residential home buying. We make sure that people understand that they’re getting a good investment as well as a home they love so that’s an important thing.

I think also, you know, they have to feel like the person is “Johnny on the Spot”, so communication is essential to that person – to be communicating in the ways you want them to, with the repetition they want you to. I think that’s really huge and so we’re really good about communication and we utilize all the technology to do that effectively.

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