How do you help clients with office and retail space?

When I focus on retail and office, a lot of the time I’m looking at owner-occupied or I’m looking at an investment, so if it’s owner-occupied, there are great loans like the SBA loan, where they can only put 10% down, and as long as they occupy 51% of the property, they are able to buy a property with just 10% down – which is great if you’re looking at it from a retails point of view.

We really focus on maximizing the income of the property and make sure it has a great return on investment as well. We’re always looking at the return on investment and we’re looking at potential with the property, always, and then we’ll keep an eye on property, so that they might be listed too high, but a realtors job is also to really keep an eye on his property – to make sure that an office or retail space that’s been “on” for 3 months – and when that seller really gets ready to sell, then we can move in and make an offer that works for everybody, including the buyer.

Are you Buying, Selling
or Both?