How do you help first time home buyers?

Often realtors love helping first time buyers because the enthusiasm and the excitement is just very addictive. We’re looking to help them find something that is going to be a real, true home for them but also make sure that they’re educated about what it is that they want, because a lot of people have an idea about their needs and their wants, but there needs list should definitely be less than their wants list.

So, you know, people might think they need a granite counter but that’s something we can change, and more importantly we might be looking at location and how valuable that property will be three to five years down the road – that’s something that people don’t take into account.

It’s great to love the house and want to live in it, but is it going to be worth more money for you five years down the road? I think that’s where a realtor really comes in and helps. The negotiation process is the first thing I do with a first-time home buyer. I sit down with them for an hour and educate and just really make sure they understand the market and how they’re going to be reacting with the market.

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